The Floor Gap Fixer is the only tool designed for closing gaps in floating floors, without having to remove any molding.  Gaps in floating floors are a common problem and have several causes.  Open gaps are not only an eyesore, but they expose the floor to water damage, chipping, and other issues.  Gaps that remain open can lead to problems that can only be fixed by reinstalling the floor.  The Floor Gap Fixer was designed using high quality materials that can withstand heavy use by a contractor or occasional use by the DIYer.  Why pay someone to fix your gaps, when you can complete the job yourself for a fraction of the cost?  Protect your investment and get your floors looking great again with the Floor Gap Fixer.

Don't live with gaps

Don't live with gaps

The Floor Gap Fixer closes gaps in floating floors quickly and easily without the need to remove baseboard molding.

Easy to use

Easy to use

Reusable and Durable

Reusable and Durable

The Floor Gap Fixer is manufactured using high quality materials that will last with proper use and care. 

Protect your investment

Protect your investment

Gaps make your floor more susceptible to water damage and chipping.  These repairs are more costly and typically require the removal and replacement of the damaged floor.  


Is the Floor Gap Fixer reusable?

Yes, the Floor Gap Fixer has a special adhesive that is reusable.  The adhesive will lose its strength if it gets dirty.  Once the adhesive strip is cleaned and dried, the adhesive strength is restored.  The other ways the FGF will lose adhesive strength is by damaging the adhesive pad and improper use.

Will the Floor Gap Fixer leave a residue on my floor?

No, the Floor Gap Fixer does not leave behind any residue on the floor.

On what width flooring can I use the Floor Gap Fixer?

The Floor Gap Fixer is approximately 2" wide x 10" long.  It can be used on floating flooring with planks that are 2" or wider.  Some types of locking systems on vinyl floors may cause problems.

Do you guarantee results?

Due to variations in floors, sub-floors, and installations we cannot guarantee results due to all of the variables that come with flooring installs and conditions.  If you send us the flooring type and brand we can see if any other customers have reported success with the brand or flooring type.  Some flooring planks may not be able to move due to binding.

What are your international shipping rates?

We offer Flat Rate International Shipping via USPS (5-10 Days) and a Calculated DHL Express Option.  All Duties and Taxes are PAID by FGF to Canada!

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