Fix Floating Floor Gaps With The Floor Gap Fixer

Do you have gaps in you floating floors?
Humidity, temperature, high traffic, improper installation, foundation settling, and other issues can cause gaps to occur in your floating flooring system.  Though there are many causes, there are few solutions to this problem.  The Floor Gap Fixer is the only tool on the market to close these gaps.  One of the other options that I tried was removing the baseboard molding and prying from the end.  This option is time consuming and a two person operation.  Also it takes a lot of tools to do the job properly.  Below is a picture of all of the tools needed to complete this job.  It is much more expensive and time consuming than the Floor Gap Fixer.
Laminate Floor Gaps
Why invest in all of these tools when you cans do the job with two?
Floor Gap Fixer
Close the gaps in your floating floors to make them look great again.  
Floor Gap Fixer